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It is not easy to get a spot on Debt-Free Wealth Radio, but it is possible to do.

Show Segments:

Tampa, FL, radio
The TAMPA BAY version of all the show segments, except only featuring guests from the Tampa Bay, FL area.











Rising Stars Logo3 sm
Are YOU a Rising Star? The Rising Stars segment bring you the Momentum MOVERS and Status Quo SHAKERS. This show is often a Simulcast, on both and These people are making massive impact in their niche and are on track to become household names in their space. I grill them on what makes them successful, when others with the same tools are not.













The Break Out segment brings you new product, program or possibility options. New businesses, new authors,, new products added to a line up, and so on will be showcased here. This is also the perfect option for those new to being a guest on media appearances. This is the show to help you, BREAK OUT from the pack.

















MEN TALK with Patrick Pearce.

Patrick Pearce  is an insightful thought provoker. He is a Christian and Law Professor who challenges thinkers to engage in enriching conversations that clarify, edify, and encourage men to move the better versions of themselves. Although Patrick directs his conversations to men, women cannot help but chime in.  However, men really do need an opportunity to express themselves, to be heard, and to be respected for their contribution.  This is your show – this is MEN TALK.





100k+ Listeners tracked* to my once/week Debt-Free WEALTH Radio show since launch in 2011.  Now, we are opening up preferential guest spots on this show to Tampa, FL – my hometown, to create a local footprint here, by adding in additional show spots to engage Tampa Bay listeners.  NOTE: * As of July 2015, The show platform no longer tracks total listeners, only monthly listeners.  Listener numbers are reset to zero every month to encourage current listenership over total listenership

Publicist, Agents, Authors, and Entrepreneurs are invited to submit your pitch for a show segment (see below) to be on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Because this show is FREE with zero paid advertising, and I am gifting my time to this project, I retain the right to select those submissions that are a match, or will further the goals of this station.  I am under no obligation to work for free at all, let alone for things that do not support my goals or the goals of this station.

Debt-Free WEALTH Radio is unapologetically Christian, and many of our shows have Christian in content.  Our interviewees do not have to be Christian or promoting Christian content.  However, nothing offensive to the Christian community will be considered a fit.  This is a private, sole-operator show and there are many other platforms that will welcome that content.

The demographics have shown to be are Christian income earners, 59% females in the age group 32-57.  So far, this has been an international audience with 87% US base.  I want to change this demographic to include more listeners from my local geography of Tampa, FL.

Guests offering an apparent or implied competing offer to the services of Trudy Beerman will not likely be accommodated; however, if I am of the opinion that your expertise, position or opportunity reinforces my posture, or position, then it may still be possible.

To be considered for a spot, please complete the following steps:

  1. LIKE my Fanpage and comment on a minimum of 3 posts (Yes, I will check)
  2. Leave a comment on this page (Yes, I will check)
  3. Complete this form

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Mia 3


Darlene Somers O'Shea Darlene O’Shea says… (former guest, click to listen)


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